Affiliated Group Credit

Brownfield Site Cleanup Credit

Child Day Care Center Credit

Child Day Care Expense Reimbursement Credit

Community Reinvestment Area Tax Abatements

Edison Center Credit for Research & Development Investors

Enterprise Zone Day Care Credit

Enterprise Zone Employee Tax Credit

Enterprise Zone Franchise Tax Deduction

Enterprise Zone Property Tax Incentives

Enterprise Zone Training Credit

Grape Production Property Credit

Jobs Creation Tax Credit

Ohio Coal Tax Credit

On Site Child Day Care Credits

Qualified Research Expense Credit

Qualifying Affiliated Groups Credit

Qualifying Pass-Through Entity Credit

Railroad Crossing Warning Devices Credit

Recycling and Litter Prevention Credits

Savings & Loan Association Assessment Fees Credit

Second Credit for Manufacturing Machinery & Equipment Investment Tax Credit

Training Credit for Upgrading Industrial Skills

Venture Capital Investment Credit

Ethanol Plant Investment Credit

Job Retention Credit

Call Center Credit

Qualified Research and Development Loan Credit

Investment in Start-up Research and Development Companies Credit

Qualifying Dealers in Intangibles Credit

Telephone Company Credits

Technology Investment Credit